Select Writing & Interviews


Populism vs. The Consulting Class
(Interview by Ryan Grim)
Deconstructed Podcast

Don’t Abandon the Democratic Party—Take It Over
The Nation


Occupy the White House
The Nation


Roadmap for Radicals
(Interview by Mel Evans & Kevin Smith)
Red Pepper


Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals
AK Press

Take the Main Stage
VICE Magazine

The Establishment is not a viable candidate
New Internationalist


How to Win in Populist Times
Waging Nonviolence and Salon

We Want Revolution. First We Must Defeat Fascism.


Can Prefigurative Politics Replace Political Strategy?
Berkeley Journal of Sociology

What’s Wrong With the Radical Critique of the People’s Climate March?
(co-author: Michael Premo)
The Nation

The Danger of Fetishizing Revolution
Waging Nonviolence

Recapture the Flag
(co-author: Andrew Boyd)
Beautiful Trouble


OCCUPY: A Name Fixed to a Flashpoint
The Sociological Quarterly

Let the Culture Have Mandela
Waging Nonviolence

Organize as Buzzword


Falling in Love with Ourselves
n+1 Occupy!

A Practical Guide to Co-option
n+1 Occupy!

Radicals and the 99%: Core and Mass Movement
We Are Many (AK Press) and

We Are All Leaders
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

Seek Common Ground
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

Make New Folks Welcome
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

Escalate Strategically
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

Political Identity Paradox
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

Expressive and Instrumental Actions
(co-authors: Joshua Kahn Russell and Zack Malitz)
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

Floating Signifiers
(co-authors: Andrew Boyd and Dave Oswald Mitchell)
Beautiful Trouble (OR Books)

What’s Wrong with Activism?
Beyond the Choir

Theory of Political Behavior (series)


The Tactic of Occupation & the Movement of the 99%
Beyond the Choir & Progressive Planning Magazine

What Facebook Is Hiding From You

The Tactic Star: a Tool for Planning and Evaluating Tactics
Beyond the Choir

Populism & Hegemony (series)
Beyond the Choir

Orienting New Members & Volunteers to a Local Group
Beyond the Choir

Evolutionary Logic of Collective Action (series)
Beyond the Choir

Grassroots Communications Tips (series)
Beyond the Choir


Where to from here?
WIN Magazine


Building a Successful Antiwar Movement
(in collaboration with Madeline Gardner)
Beyond the Choir


What Prevents Radicals from Acting Strategically?


Moving, Building, Growing: Reflections on the Burgeoning Anarchist Movement