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Berkeley Journal of Sociology Forum on Power & Prefiguration

In case you missed it, the Berkeley Journal of Sociology relaunched on October 1st. I’m part of the collective of Berkeley sociology grad students who worked this past year to re-imagine the BJS’s mission, which ultimately led to the launch of a really great new website: — check it out! The idea is to publish articles that critically engage with unfolding events, political struggles, cultural trends, and so on — through a sociological lens. Our new tagline: “The point, after all, is to change the world.” I’m currently sharing the managing editor position with my friend and colleague Martin Eiermann. I also have an article in the new print issue of the BJS. My article, “Can Prefigurative Politics Replace Political Strategy?” is part of a forum on ‘Power & Prefiguration.’ Here’s a teaser figure from my article: You can read the whole article online here, the rest of the forum here, or you can download a PDF of the print version of the forum here (It shows off the great layout of our new …

return of the short, half-baked blurb

I started this blog as a place to sketch out rough notes about half-baked ideas. I publish my more developed articles at, among other places. But somewhere along the line I started writing longer, more formulated posts here. And then when I didn’t have time to write longer posts, I stopped posting altogether. That’s about to change. This post is to announce the return of the short, half-baked blurb. Henceforth, this blog is a perfectionism-free zone. This week I’m starting a sociology PhD program at UC Berkeley. I’ll be reading an intimidating number of pages daily. Surely, I’ll have lots of initial thoughts and reflections—many of them half-baked—and I’m going to try to jot some of them down here; to use this blog as a kind of public-facing internal monologue. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

grad school update #1 ~ UCSB

Becca (my partner) and I spent the weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara — to check out UCSB and the surrounding area. The thought of spending five or six years here is really not so terrible. Seriously, this place is a paradise. The natural beauty is definitely no small selling point. And there are a lot of fantastic professors I could see myself working with. I was able to meet with Dick Flacks, John Foran, George Lipsitz, Geoff Raymond, Verta Taylor, and Howard Winant. (I’m currently reading Dick Flacks’ must-read Making History: The American Left and the American Mind and Howard Winant and Michael Omi’s—also must-read—Racial Formation in the United States.) I was able to have rich conversations with other faculty and with a number of current PhD sociology students. I was also excited about the incoming admitted cohort. Many of them are also interested in social movements, politics, and society. All in all, UCSB is full of great folks and I think this is an excellent option for me. No decision yet though! Tomorrow I …