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Our work with the Bradley Manning Support Network

ABOVE: David House addresses reporters yesterday after appearing before WikiLeaks grand jury in Alexandria, VA.

If you follow Beyond the Choir on Twitter, you may have noticed that we’ve been tweeting photos from actions in support of PFC Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who has been confined for the past year &#151 accused of being a source of information to WikiLeaks.

We feel strongly about PFC Bradley Manning’s situation, and we’ve been at the actions we’re tweeting about. Last month Beyond the Choir LLC began a partnership with the Bradley Manning Support Network. We’re lending a hand with outreach to the news media and with public narrative strategy.

Zack Pesavento joined our team at the beginning of this month to work with me on this effort. He’s done some great media-related work in the past with the AFL-CIO and the Human Rights Campaign and volunteer work with several other organizations, including Civilian-Soldier Alliance (a favorite collaborator of ours).

Yesterday Zack and I were in Alexandria with David House, who appeared before the federal grand jury that is investigating WikiLeaks. (Read the AP article here, AFP article here, and FDL’s coverage here.)

You’re likely to see some updates about Bradley Manning and the campaign to support him here at And of course we’re continuing to build the site up as a forum for grassroots strategy, nuts-and-bolts social change tools, and deeper theory-made-practical &#151 around many different issues. As always, we invite you to post your tools and reflections about grassroots organizing, campaigning, and social change struggles.

Photos and video from David House events yesterday, on the flip.