The loudest voices

The voices of hatred are too often louder than the voices of love and compassion, but do not mistake the loudest voices for the society. We must not let these voices speak in the name of ‘the American people.’ Our nation has some horrific legacies that we have to own up to. But we should not forget that we also have the legacies of those who stood up in the face of injustice, who spoke up, who resisted, who worked tirelessly for a better world. Whether the scapegoat is Jews or Muslims or blacks or Mexicans or gays or refugees or communists or heretics or witches, we have heard this tired, dangerous storyline before. We can look for inspiration to those who stood up to such fearmongering. We can join them. There is still more love in this world than there is hate.


Remember this man? They made it! Alhamdillah
Posted by AsoOmii Jay on Monday, September 7, 2015

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