return of the short, half-baked blurb

I started this blog as a place to sketch out rough notes about half-baked ideas. I publish my more developed articles at, among other places. But somewhere along the line I started writing longer, more formulated posts here. And then when I didn’t have time to write longer posts, I stopped posting altogether.

That’s about to change. This post is to announce the return of the short, half-baked blurb. Henceforth, this blog is a perfectionism-free zone. This week I’m starting a sociology PhD program at UC Berkeley. I’ll be reading an intimidating number of pages daily. Surely, I’ll have lots of initial thoughts and reflections—many of them half-baked—and I’m going to try to jot some of them down here; to use this blog as a kind of public-facing internal monologue. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

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