First post: mission

How many blogs does one person need? I run another blog, (my posts are all here), where I write about politics, social movements, and grassroots strategies and tactics. I’m an organizer and trainer who has been active in several grassroots organizations and movements over the years (most recently Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Homes). But I’m a lot of other things too. And sometimes I want to write about those other things — random things that may not fit with my other site’s mission (e.g. dolphins, because they are awesome).

But I’m also going to write about social change here — about everything I write about at — but here it’ll be more raw and rambling and punk rock. I’m going to throw caution and perfectionism to the wind. Maybe I’ll assert things in posts in the middle of the night that I’ll decide to take back in the morning. I’m going to give myself permission to do that. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope that if you have a thought about something I post, that you’ll comment.

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