HIRING: half-time campaign media person to work on important whistle-blower issue

We’re looking for a smart, strategic, team-minded person to work with us as a half-time (approximately 20 hours per week) contractor on media and messaging for an important campaign. This is a temporary position, starting as soon as possible, with a likely end date in December. Location is flexible (within the United States).

Prior grassroots media and campaign experience required.

Please send a brief cover letter and concise resume (1-3 pages) with references to info[at]beyondthechoir[dot]org. Please write RESUME in the subject line.

We’re moving fast with this; the first wave of applicants will be considered next Monday, May 16th. Please send applications by Sunday, May 15th, 10pm ET.

A little more about what this position will entail on the flip…

The media campaigner will:

  • Think critically about the narrative of the campaign. (What story are we telling? What story is our opposition telling?)
  • Help build and maintain press lists &#151 and relationships with reporters and news outlets.
  • Engage reporters and news outlets about their coverage of the issue (encourage reporters to ask informed questions, etc.).
  • Help write and edit news releases and advisories.
  • Monitor and analyze news coverage related to the campaign.
  • Help with strategic engagement of blogs and online media.
  • Help coordinate spokespeople for media interviews, talk shows, etc.
  • Help create new media and messaging materials for local activists.

Compensation is competitive and will range in relation to level of experience.

2 responses to “HIRING: half-time campaign media person to work on important whistle-blower issue”

  1. Hi My name is Chinyere Tutashinda and just found this wonderful site. I know your date has passed for but I was wondering if you are still accepting applications for this position.  

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