Welcome to the new BeyondtheChoir.org!

Welcome to the new BeyondtheChoir.org!

This is an online space for grassroots change agents — folks who are engaged in grassroots organizing, campaigning, activism, advocacy, etc. — to share practical strategies, tactics and tools. It’s also a place to dig into deeper social change theory and to make it practical.

There are lots of great websites that cover and critique the news. This site is more about engaging questions about how we can organize ourselves and strategically intervene.

How to post (and what to post)

There are three ways to join the conversation: user diaries, quick hits, and comments. To do any of these three things, just create an account by clicking here. (Note: if you do not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes, please email info[at]beyondthechoir[dot]org, and we will send it to you.)

Comments: pretty straightforward. If you read an article that you have thoughts about, you can post a comment at the bottom of the article.  You can also post a comment after another person’s comment. The option to post a comment will only appear when you are logged in.

Quick Hits: A “quick hit” is a short blurb you write that briefly describes and links to a pertinent article that you’ve spotted somewhere else (on another site). The option to add a quick hit appears in the User Menu, after you’ve logged in.

User Diaries: A user diary is an article that you write and post. We recommend not actually composing the article online (you might lose it!), but rather copying and pasting it into the fields. The option to add a user diary appears in the User Menu, after you’ve logged in. User Diaries will then appear in the “Recent Diaries” box on the right, and under the “User Diaries” button in the menu bar. (We frontpage some user diaries.)

What kinds of articles should you post as user diaries? Well, there’s no hard and fast rule, but the general thread here is more how-to (as advice or as a genuine question) than news and views. There are lots of great sites that provide breaking updates and editorials on important progressive issues. We’re less about pointing out what the government or corporations are doing (or should be doing), and more about strategizing about how we, as progressive change agents, are going to make them do it.

So, welcome to the new site! Feel free to post questions (or thoughts) in the comments section below.  Cheers.

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